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Plagiarism Check Plugin. Build Status

This plugin provide functionality for Plagiarismcheck.org service.

Plagiarismcheck.org is a sophisticated similarity search engine. We advocate for bringing technology into academics to help instructors save time and motivate students write better papers.

PlagiarismCheck.org has subscription-based pricing model. More information is available here.


With PlagiarismCheck you get:

  1. AI Algorithm.

    The algorithm that searches not only for word-to-word match, but also covers:

    • word rearrangements
    • word substitutions / synonymization
    • changes from passive to active voice
    • poor paraphrasing
    • changes of alphabet from Latin to Cyrillic and vice versa how_we_detect
  2. Smart report.

    • user can access all sources where similarity has been detected
    • similarity found in quotes are highlighted in a different color and can be included/excluded from the total similarity percentage
    • similarity found in references are highlighted in a different color and can be included/excluded from the total similarity percentage
  3. Search database.

    Depending on the type of subscription, there are several search options available:

    • search via all publicly available resources
    • create a personal archive for your school and search through it
    • search in closed depositories and libraries
  4. Usability.

    • integration can be easily set up by an administrator of a Moodle account
    • integration gives a chance to set up who will have an access to the software
    • though the integration both students and instructors will have an access to the similarity reports
  5. Resubmissions.

    In case an instructor allows to resubmit works, PlagiarismCheck will be able to check all submissions without giving a false positive result

  6. Throughput

    • no restrictions on daily usage
    • minimum downtime
    • no limitations on how soon one can resubmit a work
  7. Excellent customer service response to clients' requests within 24 hours 24/7 admin support.