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Redesign textline
save width in Textline, create new <div> in the middle
link in outline: dest-detail vs hashtag
split js files
position history stack (popstate)
scale limits
built in support for ttfautohint
more information on demo page:
- showing pdf2htmlEX home page
- link to other demos
- browser requirements
view hash
- dots issue
- AdobeXML*.pdf
- font issue
- cjkmix2*.pdf
- space issue
- python简明*.pdf
- fix negative word-spacing for IE
== Future: ==
Too difficult/complicated to implement:
- reflowable text/combine lines/unwrapping
- multi-thread
Not enough motivation/Lazy
- commandline argument auto-completion
- use absolute positioning for long whitespace
- detect duplicate base fonts when embedding
- disable selection if we know unicode is wrong
- check if we can add information to the font, and let browsers show ligatures automatically
- draw non-orthogonal lines with CSS
- precise link destination: zoom
- multiple charcode mapped to a same glyph
- minimum line width of css drawing
- separate classes for annotations (such that we don't have to hide all css drawings for printing)
- Widget Annotation
- handle large negative letter space
- optimization levels